Hearing Aid Cleaning & Maintenance

Our range of cleaning products are medical devices specially developed for the maintenance and hygiene of hearing systems. All products are safe for use with hearing systems (bio-compatibility tests) and the different formulas used are developed to prevent allergies to hearing aid users.

Audinell Cleaning Wipes for Hearing Systems (Pack of 30)

These hearing aid cleaning wipes are easy to use. They are also ideal for a quick cleaning or while travelling.

audinell hearing aid cleaning wipes


This drying system thoroughly dries hearing aids and their electronic components, extending their lifespan and maintaining their performance.

perfect dry

PerfectDry LUX®

The PerfectDry Lux® is an electronic device for the maintenance and the storage of all types of hearing aids. It uses a combination of air fan drying, and disinfection by UV-C rays.

perfect dry lux


PerfectClean® is a device CE marked and patented specially developed for safe earwax removal, cleaning and drying of RICs and ITEs. Simply set up your hearing aids in the PerfectClean® system, and 1 hour later your aids will be cleaned, disinfected and dried. You can then continue using your hearing system as normal.